Met kadans in balans

Robert Lassche

    Walking coach/ Energetic masseur

  • Are you feeling restless?
  • Are you not able to reach your feelings?
  • Have your lost your path?
  • Is everything an struggle?
  • You wonder how to go further?
  • Can you use some help?
  • Feeling stressed?
  • Do you have an burnout?
  • Or do you simply want to relax?

      Hi welcome on my website, do you recognize some of these lines? As a walking/recovery coach and energetic masseur, I can help you get rid of these complaints, eater with an coaching session or energetic massage or with both. you will feel better. Come in contact with me and we can see together what is good for you, and what will help you.

      I can explain you the different tools that are in my toolbox to help you, on the site they are all in Dutch but I speak next to English also German. Don't wait that long and call me.


      This is me.


      My name is Robert Lassche I'm from Enschede and I live in beautiful Deventer. I have set up my practice to help you find or discover your path. We all come to a point in our lives that we think ......... and now what?If you reach that point I would contact me. I can help you with tools, experiences and exercises to get ahead. If you just want someone that really listen to you, a good conversation or a nice meditative walk, you are most welcome. From young to old, good mobility or poor mobility, we adjust the walk so that the pace is good for you. I happy to come to you, if you prefer to be in your own familiar environment first. ( there can be extra travel cost involved) 

      I have been trained as a hiking coach, recovery coach , confidant, clinical psychology expert and energetic masseur. Through this beautiful combination, together with my experiences and nature, I can help you with your problems.   

      Why with kadans in balans? By walking you reach a certain cadence in your steps, which ensure that, together with the exercises, your thoughts can be balanced again. 

      Cost Walking coaching:
      Intake rate:                        50, - euro (half will be deducted from the last session)

      Session rate individual:  55, - euro (+/- 1 hour)

      Group rate:                       on request

      Veterans:                           45, - euro (on presentation Veterans status)

      Cost massages:

      Introduction:                   45,- euro

      Haptic massage              55,- euro (+/- 1 hour)

      Feet reflex:                       55,- euro (+/- 1 hour)

      Hand reflex:                     25,- euro (+/- 30 min)

      Relaxing massage:          55,- euro (+/- 1 hour)

      Veterans:                           10% discount (on presentation Veterans status)

      Prices include VAT excluding any travel costs.